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Content & APPs LATAM 2013

Frecuencia agradece a los asistentes de CAL 2012


Adrián Roux, Jefe de Desarrollo de Nuevos Productos, Telefónica Móviles Argentina

Edwin Zayas, Alliance Solutions Management, Research In Motion Ltd.

Antonio Morales, Location World – CEO, Waze Operator in LATAM

Beatriz Nunez Jiménez, Director Regional Mobile Content, Terra Networks

Sean Murphy, Director of Locator Applications, TeleCommunication Systems Inc.

Jorge Rincón, CEO, Redmas

Tom Viswat, Director Business Development the Americas, Thumbstar Games Limited

Claudio Schapsis, Ceo y Fundador de Georillas Location Based Marketing

Manuel de la Torre, CTO, IA Interactive

Daniel Getzel, Director General, Mobext

Javier Díaz, Managing Partner Business, Gigigo

Juan Carlos Belair, Consultor Independiente

Mario Quijada, Principal Director, AV&Co

Juan Carlos Aldir, Business Development Manager Appia/Telcel.

Helder De Azevedo, Nokia Location & Commerce

Heberto Taracena, Director General, Inventmx


Jacques Lebois,
Director de SVAS, Iusacell

Borja Marinas, Managing Partner, Gigigo

Jose Luis Carrete, Regional Digital Director, Editorial Televisa


The regional leading content creators and developers will reunite for the first time in this unique conference to share their vision about the present and future of the business. Joining this group are the regions' main operators, app stores, handset providers, operating systems, content owners, aggregators, brands, agencies and retailers.


New and old players meet each other in this evolved and updated edition of Mobile Content Americas, the pioneer and unique regional conference designed to analyze and understand the evolving eco-system of content, products and services for Latinamerica's mobile market. In 2012, the seventh edition of Mobile Content Americas reinvents itself and becomes Content & APPS LATAM.

The mobile content market for Latin America, as it is all around the world, is changing and reinventing itself in a quick and definitive way. Within this new reality, content and applications become the nectar feeding mobile industry value chain, which still growing and generating revenues, even in the midst of a world crisis. Understanding and positioning your offerings within the new dynamics of this business becomes essential to enter or remain in the content and mobile applications industry in the Region.

The call aims to bring together the leading Latin American players towards a discussion about how to develop, mature and improve the regional content and apps industry.


The conference will analyze the mobile applications ecosystem while highlighting those vertical segments with immediate potential such as mobile commerce and wallet, LBS, mobile marketing and advertising/social networking.


A key debate point will be the creation of a production, distribution and commercialization of apps model model which allows for international competitiveness and that allows the export of developments from the Region to the rest of the world.



  • Because you will hear about new and interesting projects which incorporate applications designed to enhance your business.
  • You will get a new perspective about the future of the mobile channel and the business opportunities today.
  • You will learn why the retailing industry is one of the most dynamic and powerful drivers in the future of mobile value added services.


  • Because you will meet the main developers and their latest ideas to incorporate successful applications to the mobile market.
  • You will learn how to capitalize the "operator billing" position and the main points to be developed in order to offer your own store.
  • You will be able to identify and provide content which is being demanded by the Latin American consumer while also ensuring the monetization of the service.

Mobile developer:

  • You will identify the potential business of developing content for mobile platforms including tablets in the Region, and the applications opportunity for LBS, commerce, entertainment, marketing, social network and other vertical markets.
  • You will familiarize and situate yourself with the necessary mechanisms to meet and acquire international customers, and export your content and apps innovations.

Handset provider:

  • Because you will find and learn about the specific needs of the mobile user and will be able to go forward and to offer the last applications to the industry.
  • You will understand clearly the real challenges facing the market including incorporating NFC technologies and will be better equipped to face the challenges implicated.

Web developer:

  • Because you will be able to analyze the main variables that will allow you to make the right decisions about operating systems, platforms, etc. that will fit perfectly in your business. For example, you will learn how to translate and identify successful applications in the web and to apply them to the mobile space.

Supplier of platforms or solutions:

  • Because you will meet the main business players concentrated in one place and you will be able to identify and move forward to the needs of your potential costumers.

Application creator:

  • Because you will meet the best developers and start ups which will be making history in the immediate future of the mobile market.
  • You will be able to establish alliances and march a step forward to the competition.

Content owner:

  • Because you will detect the new business opportunities for packagin content in Latin America.
  • You will learn how to take monetize your customers loyalty and will learn about the options to offer mobile content in your platforms and build strong alliances.
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If you are a developer you should take the opportunity of attending this unique Latin American conference.



Meet the finalists apps


LBS LATAM in Content & APPS LATAM 2012

The applications and content solutions are reinventing the business of content and mobile services in the Region. The growth of services and products based in LBS is growing every day and this growth is translated and praised in new applications and platform opportunities for real business for all the value chain, and for the new players ready to promote them. In this scenario, the fourth edition of LBS LATAM is incorporated into Content and APPS LATAM 2012, offering the industry a complete, total and coherent opportunity to flow with the full dynamics of the market.

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